A Poet | Washing Clean the Destruction

wash clean the destruction © j.kiley 17*

A Poet
by j.kiley
Blackout Poem

A poet feels
Expresses feeling
through words
people think they feel
that’s thinking
not feeling
poetry is feeling

not a single human (being)
can be taught to feel
to be nobody-but-yourself
in a world (which is) doing its best
to make you everybody else

expressing nobody-but-yourself
means working harder than
anyone who isn’t a poet
can possibly imagine

till death


It’s the most wonderful life

I feel

© j.kiley 17

From: e. e. cummings ‘A Poet’s Advice To Students’

*Background painting used in repetition by j.kiley

Vesperae solennes de confessore . K339: Laudate Dominum
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Essential Piece of Music found in the film ‘MOONLIGHT’

MOONLIGHT Won Best Picture Oscar 2017
Only after the wrong Film was announced first
One of the Many Insane Moments for the Academy Awards
I’d put it at No. 1 for Major Fuck Ups!

‘Moonlight’ deserved the Award. It is Zen . It feels timeless
An Amazing . Uplifting . Flowing Experience
Taking us through the growth of a young boy into a man
Discovering he is alone . Gay . Facing Bullying
One parent (his mother) who is not really there
Two kind strangers who show him unconditional love
A friend who shows him tenderness

I write about Moonlight in connection with my poem ‘A POET’
The Reason . Moonlight is Poetry Inside a Film
It will change the Way We See . the Way We Feel
The Inner Definition of Poetry

– j.kiley

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