Ugly as Dorian Gray

I would like to know why tax-payers money is being used so the President can go to Mar-a-Lago almost every weekend since the Inauguration & members of his family can go to Aspen or other locations – for business and pleasure – at the people’s expense.

Mar-a-lago (Not a Complete View)

A Partial Inside View of Mar-a-lago

A Partial Inside View of Mar-a-lago

Local businesses & residents have to endure a total disruption to their lives and livelihoods, with incomes suffering and even identities being called into question when they are returning to their private homes. Not to mention the strain put on the cities of New York and Palm Beach. It costs approximately $3 Million per weekend at Mar-a-Lago. Five visits so far equals approximately $15 Million. Add that to the costs to the nation of securing Trump Tower and you’re talking approximately $100 million from the national treasury to allow him and his family to live in the opulent luxury to which they were accustomed. And he’s only been president for 2 months. The total costs of Mira-a-lago & Aspen & other jaunts down the road are inestimable.

A Partial View of Trump’s Penthouse in Trump Tower NYC

A Partial View of Trump’s Penthouse in Trump Tower NYC

Who knows exactly how much the Trump-family bilking of the National Treasury will cost us, the tax payers, to cover all these unnecessary expenses for the continued future of this presidency. The White House is a palatial residence. Camp David is there for Presidents to go to relax. And to meet with other heads of state. He is the President & not meant to live in gold-plated luxury. Living his high life when he turns around and rips up all the programs that help the less fortunate is shameful. If he refuses to use the residence and security provided all previous presidents, then we should, as a Country, send him a bill for all these added expenses. I would also include New York City’s expenses to maintain protection for Trump Towers which the President has not been using. Of course, it would make sense for his wife to move with their son to the White House & be protected.  It’s the polite thing to do – they’re not the only people who call Trump Tower home. And I am sure there are great schools in the Washington D.C. area. Maybe a charter school is available.

Aspen is described as the quintessential American ski town

Luxurious architecture in Aspen during the climes of winter

Since the President obviously wants to destroy the public schools & all other, non-defense departments of the government, it might do his son good to associate with children from more honest, moral backgrounds. They might be able to teach him lessons his father never will. The games Bannon & the President are playing are not as invisible as they might think. Just leave the White House & stop ripping off the people you promised to help if you were elected. Oh, that’s right: in actuality you didn’t win the election. The Electoral College is obsolete & your Presidency is nothing more than a joke. I am waiting for you to leave voluntarily before you are found out and tried for treason. And I would like you to know we know you lie all the time & then spin the lies about your lies, trying to cause a disoriented sense of reality. You are not fooling anyone. Soon the despotic emperor will be seen for what he is: in place of his new clothes, there will be nothing but his small-handed, naked self. Ugly as Dorian Gray’s portrait in the attic.

JFK with JFK Jr & Caroline on pony walking around Camp David.

Camp David was Good enough for John F. Kennedy and his family, why Not-My-President? Is it not opulent enough for you? Maybe you need to take a visit with Nature. It might just clear your mind and enable you to see the world with a keener eye. OMG! I must be losing my mind. Who do I think I am talking to?

Shawn MacKenzie


6 thoughts on “Ugly as Dorian Gray

  1. Well said. My thoughts exactly. I’m finding it difficult to contain my anger these days over Trump and his selfish self-serving family. I appreciate the way you’ve said this so straight forward, and so clear. They only serve themselves – never our country or our people. In fact his sons have said publicly that they believe, through their breeding, that they are better than other people. So thank you for keeping your voice loud and clear. Thank you.

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    • Let us not forget the echoes of those who felt their breeding was superior to others. I hold back nothing when I write about the abominations who have grabbed ahold of the (false) power. It needs to be earned. Let us hope there is a lesson in what has occurred so far in this facade of a presidency. I am of the strong belief he won’t be able to survive once there is a total revelation of his hoax while reaching for his perfect narcissistic moments. His brain may just explode.

      I will admit a secret: I had written some of this piece as a letter on WhiteHouse.Gov. I asked Shawn if she would listen to what I wrote before I sent it. Her immediate reaction was “OhNoNoNo you can’t send that to the White House. You’ll be put on some list.” She said much more. That’s when I decided to blog it. Illustrations added. Shawn helped. She’s my partner & editor & she helped me polish it up. Both of us editing copies and then merging them together. I was fully in charge of photographs.

      This my way of working out my frustrations. Plus I tell Shawn all the time we are caught in the nightmare of a scary storyteller. The ending will arrive in due time. Just keep repeating: Remember NIXON. Watergate. I don’t feel we knew the half of what happened then – yet it did end with a pardon – and he did go away. Far Far Away.

      Just hope we can survive the wait.

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