Alpine Adventure | a short film

A short film with a natural magnificence of stunning beauty. The story is the captivating nature one views. A magic castle suddenly appears and is gone. The bravery of a sole walking out on the water frozen from a cold winter giving the appearance of a looking glass. Sometimes we don’t need a written story. Nature contains more tales than writers can write. The ‘AWE’ factor fills all the frames for the eyes delight. I am partial to trains. One appears making me recall ‘The Orient Express’ of Agatha Christie fame. It is a delight ‘The Alpine Adventure’ – and a feast for the eyes.

A Reminder: OPEN TO FULL SCREEN for a Complete Immersion into viewing ‘Alpine Adventure’ and to better appreciate the film maker’s capturing of the fullness of the textures of nature in Winter. – j.kiley

Alpine Adventure
from Joshua Cowan

“In January i took a road trip through Europe visiting mountains, frozen lakes and steam trains in the forest.
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Music by Max Brodie: