Leningrad – Kolshik | a short film

The film opens with a woman singing an intense song in Russian. Cool! Goes well with the activity on the screen.

What an unusual experience. Don’t want to give any hints – just a glowing recommendation for film lovers who find originally to their taste. Also – recommend opening to full screen with sound up. Watch closely as the film progresses. Important to keep in mind a detailed recount of the action. ‘Leningrad – Kolshik’ and the song blend well as the tension and aghast minds in your head are being blow away. The singer infuses a passionate element to the building of the changing images occurring on the screen.

This film really trips my mind out. No idea what I was about to see could have prepared me for what was happening in the amazing visuals. Toking is advised but not necessary. Trip out is the word here. Have a majorly spellbinding experience. Hope it works for you. Short films do sometimes carry a wallop. Cheers. ‘It’s all just a ride.’
– j.kiley

Leningrad – Kolshik

Rate . . . PG (Material Is Questionable For Children)
Genre . . . Action | Thriller | Explosive
Length . . . 4m 19s


Director – Ilya Naishuller
Produced by Dimitry Mouraviev and Ekaterina Knonekno
Art director – Petr Bndarenko
DoP – Henry Meder

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