A Study In Tyranny

Would any of us . given the opportunity . go back in history . alter the future . using the future to determine what we would do would it change anything . actually changing the forward side of tomorrow . would it prove to be a greater future than exists at any given present?

A Study In Tyranny

Rating PG
Length 11m 46s

Genre . . . Fictional | Hypothetical | Question | Time Travel | Altering History

‘An unlikely assassin finds himself in turn of the century Vienna in order to kill Adolf Hitler.’

It is a different point in history. The film creates the dilemma of killing in the fashion of “Minority Report” | prevent a crime before it happens. Maybe a different knowledge would change the course of any person’s path.

Worth the time to watch. Ponder what your actions would be.
– j.kiley

Starring: Stephen Ellis and Matt Devine

Director: Andrew Laurich
Writers: Gabriel Miller & Andrew Laurich
Cinematography: Scott Uhlfelder
Producer: Natalie Sakai
Editor: Randall Maxwell
Sound: Lindsey Alvarez

One thought on “A Study In Tyranny

  1. Wow! An astounding piece of cinema. This film is like a haiku. Generally film makers take 90 minutes (often even longer these days) to manage what is achieved here.

    In your background comments you mention “Minority Report” but surely we also need to recall the Terminator narrative to achieve total recall. 😉 All of this can of course be traced back to Philip K Dick.

    Here are three interesting PKD links you may not have come across:

    Sent with love and gratitude for posting this.

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