A Study In Tyranny

Would any of us . given the opportunity . go back in history . alter the future . using the future to determine what we would do would it change anything . actually changing the forward side of tomorrow . would it prove to be a greater future than exists at any given present?

A Study In Tyranny

Rating PG
Length 11m 46s

Genre . . . Fictional | Hypothetical | Question | Time Travel | Altering History

‘An unlikely assassin finds himself in turn of the century Vienna in order to kill Adolf Hitler.’

It is a different point in history. The film creates the dilemma of killing in the fashion of “Minority Report” | prevent a crime before it happens. Maybe a different knowledge would change the course of any person’s path.

Worth the time to watch. Ponder what your actions would be.
– j.kiley

Starring: Stephen Ellis and Matt Devine

Director: Andrew Laurich
Writers: Gabriel Miller & Andrew Laurich
Cinematography: Scott Uhlfelder
Producer: Natalie Sakai
Editor: Randall Maxwell
Sound: Lindsey Alvarez