For the Consideration of Poets

haki-madhubuti-poetHaki Madhubuti: Poet. . . Haki translates from Swahili as ‘Just’ or ‘Justice’ & Madhubuti translates as “precise, accurate and dependable” . . . changed his name in 1974 . . . born Don Luther Lee on 23rd February 1942 in Little Rock Arkansas . . . He is an Author Poet Publisher . . . received MFA from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop . . . Major contributor to the Black literary tradition through his early association with the Black Arts Movement beginning in the mid-60’s . . . Founder Publisher & Chairman of the Board of Third World Press (established in 1967) which today is the largest independent black-owned press in the United States . . . Director of the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program at Chicago State University . . . Published 28 books . . . Received the American Book Award. – j.kiley [Research Source Wikipedia]

One thought on “For the Consideration of Poets

  1. “Poetry of resistance”?


    From simple language much may be inferred;
    America’s lust for pleasure and commotion
    Like Britain’s anal culture, I’ve a notion,
    Reveals itself within the very word
    Used when our nations’ rulers have concurred.
    Whilst here the House is said to “pass a motion”
    The other side of the Atlantic Ocean
    “An act of congress” is the term preferred.
    But though such speculation may be fun
    The world goes on as it has always done;
    It’s true: “A rose by any other name
    Would smell as sweet” and so we must conclude
    That whether we get shat on or get screwed
    The end result is pretty much the same.

    – Ben Naga.


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