Greatness . . . a Transitory Experience

“Greatness is a transitory experience. It is never consistent. It depends in part upon the myth-making imagination of humankind. The person who experiences greatness must have a feeling for the myth he is in. He must reflect what is projected upon him. And he must have a strong sense of the sardonic. This is what uncouples him from belief in his own pretensions. The sardonic is all that permits him to move within himself. Without this quality, even occasional greatness will destroy a man.” ― Frank Herbert, Dune


delusional greatness by kiley

Echo Narcissus © Kurt Wenner 2007

Echo Narcissus © Kurt Wenner 2007

2 thoughts on “Greatness . . . a Transitory Experience

    • Watch out for those who promise to fix it all . you know its a lie . As to John . Paul . and Bob . they were Gods to most who relished in their messages . they guided the youth toward a better philosophical way of perceiving reality . becoming enlightened by a view of the truth . a lesser mind could believe in their heightened sense of grandiosity . when it is all a passing motion toward the next potential cultist leader . fortunately for John . he remained touching the ground . Paul went on to produce duller music without John . Bob became Christianized & went down the commercial highway . John was too good . Chapman was obsessed (new train of thought) watched film on Chapman played by Jared Leto . excellent performance . clearer view of the inner workings of a madman who felt Holden Caulfield was a hero & John Lennon was fake . shows no one sees reality without fantasy grounding the truth.

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