Remembrance: Marcel Proust #81

Remembrance: Marcel Proust
Part 81

Moments from
“Remembrance of Things Past”


“I was merely making
more perceptible
that binary rhythm
which love adopts
in all those
who have
too little confidence
in themselves
to believe
that a woman
can ever fall
in love with them,
and also
that they themselves
can genuinely fall
in love with her.

They know themselves
well enough
to have observed
that in the presence
of the most divergent
types of woman
they felt
the same hopes,
the same agonies,
invented the same romances,
uttered the same words,
and to have realised
therefore that
their feelings,
their actions,
bear no close
and necessary relation
to the woman
they love,
but pass
to one side
of her,
splash her,
encircle her,
like the incoming tide
breaking against
the rocks,
and their sense
of their own instability
increases still further
their misgivings
that this woman,
by whom they so long
to be loved,
does not love them.”

― Marcel Proust

ghost of proust at grave

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