Election Anxiety | What’s Ahead

‘How Understanding Depression Helped Me Through Election Anxiety’ | Review by kiley
Article on Bipolar Advantage Blog

scary face behind the curtain - by kiley 17

scary face behind the curtain – by kiley 17

The title intrigued me. No fear – the article is simply written and some is about understanding the Bipolar-IN-Order state of being. Working on mood changes in a beneficial way. No one is perfect so it is a continual process to work toward my goals. Increasing my self awareness is essential. As I state No one is perfect but I am identifying when something is at too high an intensity level. I make a valiant effort to lower the intensity. Sometimes by my partner just saying Stop [I do hear Stop in my own head – not as perfect a method though]. Not pretending its easy is important to remember. Patience and letting go into a Zen state – calm state is extremely important to achieve.

The part of the article that pertains to a great many of us who feel Election Anxiety [a major issue at present] and the imaginings of this writer [me]- how I have reached many fantasy levels in my dealings with Election Anxiety.. It is a regular discussion in our home – election results – that is. My partner and I banter our thoughts as though in a tennis match. She feels the same about what we are saying regarding the Election Results but we express it in our own way. I imagine most of us think of ways beyond legalities of how to solve a problem like . . . (I even Hate saying his name – it gives me the creeps). When the thoughts of our upcoming future create overwhelming FEAR and ANXIETY – I start using Magic Thinking [it makes me feel better momentarily – but then I keep having to come up with more reasons the Inauguration will never happen]. Does it raise the level of Intensity in a manic state or draw one into a depression or sometimes into the in-between state. Either way there are methods in sorting out and letting go of the pressure.

This post on Bipolar Advantage regarding Election Anxiety is more than just for those who are Bipolar. The message reaches across all who are concerned with the insanity surrounding us in the political arena; and how do we go about living our lives unaware of why we feel such FEAR – F.E.A.R. = (False Evidence Appearing Real).

Spend a few moments and read this article. It may help you find some answers or at least temporary solutions needing repeating.

For Complete Article Click on LINK – it will take you there.

– kiley

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4 thoughts on “Election Anxiety | What’s Ahead

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    • The Not-My President is making everyone crazy. We are living in the midst of an insanity like no one has seen before now. He is the worst president ever.

      Living with the Bipolar only gets exasperating being set off at the lies surrounding us. It appears members of the Congress seem to be starting to push back. Hoping it succeeds. It is good to have a voice. But I must say it is difficult at times just to feel calm. My new Psychotherapist is working with me to help me return to finding the calm & the real.

      I should tell you I am pretty wiped out. Recently, I discovered there is something not right with my heart. I have been doing tests since middle of March. All procedures at hospital have been canceled. I can’t even have the dentist do work on my teeth. Fear releasing bacteria into my system. It’s why I am having trouble keeping up. It is becoming more difficult. More pain my chest and hard to breathe after doing the smallest exertion.

      If the problem is my heart it does not make what is happening a negative result. It means the heart surgeon can correct what is wrong. It may even give me more energy. I no longer have a neurologist. One is being searched for by my hospital SVMC. I need to call their office to find out where they are with the hunt. Presently though I am concentrating on what is happening with my heart. I must tell you the pain is getting worse & so is my breathing.

      That is why I have been absent so much & sometimes unresponsive. But I keep you in my thoughts & 💖… zen soul mates through all our incarnations.

      And how is your health? Take your time catching up with all who surround you. When my mind is happy I think of Spring and what I want add to the plants in our garden. I want to be like British Garden and our house like an enchanted cottage. 🎈✨🎇

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  2. Your health problems seem awful. and I feel for you. Not to mention having to live under the demonic Trump McConnell Ryan triumvirate.

    On a brighter note I urge you to to watch out for an excellent recent BBC documentary “How to Be a Surrealist with Philippa Perry”. Perhaps HBO will pick it up, or some other network. I’m sure both you and Shawn with enjoy it.


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