Lest We Forget….

We should only object to those who would want to perpetuate hatred toward diversity. It began with the Japanese in the United States during WWII – placing American Citizens in Internment Camps. Let us not repeat History. Tyranny is amongst us. Beware. Be Cautious. Let’s stop this before it could ever possibly happen again. – kiley

Off the Rails - Track 451

Powerful PSA produced by Katy Perry. If we, as a nation, allow history to repeat itself we are all complicit.

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One thought on “Lest We Forget….

  1. I don’t think that the WWII internments was the beginning but simply continued a shameful history of racist hatred even before the American revolution, the best examples being of course the treatment of Africans and native tribes and nations, but there were many more: Chinese; Jewish; Italian etc etc.


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