New Year’s Revolutions 2017


les visages dans la neige par j.kiley

'maggie the cat'

‘Maggie the Cat’ | Roars & Purrs

New Year’s revolutions are my personal commitment to improve my life through effecting the alteration of my future goals, projects, habits, to anticipating the New Year and my growth with new beginnings. It’s my own revolutions as exhibited through my potential resolutions, it’s just I will attempt to do them with vigor.

Most commit themselves each year to New Year resolutions. A plan generally to last the whole year. These lifestyle changes are generally interpreted as advantageous but we all tend toward the impossible to achieve, setting us all up for a form of failure, not our intention. Never take attempts as failure, if success is not the result. Keep in mind the actual trying is the success. If the success succeeds at more than 20%, that’s amazing and is deserving of inner and outer praise. For all who meet the goals, (some – all – or many), applaud the accomplishments.


licornes blanches par j.kiley

If New Year’s Resolutions aren’t a thing, than live life with wishes and limited restrictions. Hallelujah! Let Us All Be Free! It’s most important. Brave on into the Unknown and Hope for the Best of the GOOD (providing that is the preference).

My intention for the New Year 2017 is to work on writing in any of my choices of form, creating art, transforming my psyche, hoping for the improvement of my health (if possible),  and experimenting with a variety of changes in postings. I hope these will be enjoyable, thought provoking, entertaining, enlightening, fun, and always an element of serious & abstract thought and design, appearing fairly often.

Ideas I wish to explore, when possible, will include mental health issues, more specifically bipolar, children’s issues, pertinent issues in the news, film reviews and trailers, music videos, humor, or whatever is serendipitous. We’ll see.

Look for more experimentation in the New Year. maggie-the-cat-paw-print1Hoping it will be an experience for those who visit ‘the secret keeper’… feeling something, having a reaction (whatever it might be). – j.kiley 💖 ⏳ 💫


I Will Remember You – Amy Grant

Elaine Stritch performs Sondheim’s “I’m Still Here” (for Obama Family @ WH)

Elaine Stritch is no longer with us and the Family Obama will be exiting the White House and MAY THE POWERS THAT BE HELP US & I don’t mean the IDIOTS about to take over the Executive Branch of the White House. May We All Survive???

Patti Smith – People Have The Power

TOWANDA! 💨💫💥 ☮ 🕉 ☯🖖🤘✌