Carrie Fisher Needs Love & The Force To Heal

Created new GIFS Page yesterday & today GIFS BE. Ironic I would need the second one today to create a Source for Energy to Send To Help Carrie Fisher Heal. Sadly [I hope not for long] Today December 23rd 2017 – shortly before arriving at LAX in CA – Carrie Fisher suffered a heart attack. According to reliable sources Carrie stopped breathing for ten minutes. Fortunately there were doctors & nurses on the 11 hour flight from London to LAX who helped start CPR. EMT’s met the plane at the airport & continued extreme measures to bring her condition under control. As of this writing @11pm Friday, today, she remains in ICU with only a few words from her brother Todd Fisher who corrected the reports she was in ‘stable’ condition. At this time Carrie Fisher is in Critical Condition. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH HER . Whatever Force you believe in – Please Send All You Have to Help Her Recover.

As I mentioned earlier I set up a Force on my GIFS BE under CHARACTERS. Scroll down four Gifs & you will find what I created for Carrie in Hopes It Will Be Of Some Help. [Pages are @ top of Blog – GIFS & GIFS BE are on lower right bottom row].

I leave you with a Gif of Carrie Fisher. She is Beautiful. Witty. Intelligent. She has helped me many times to understand my Bipolar & how to live with it in my own way as she lives with it herself making her own choices of treatment. Star Wars introduced us to Carrie through Princess Leia & in the most recent new film of Star Wars it has rebooted her career. She was in England to complete a film & to appear on the Graham Norton Show. I will wait to watch Carrie Fisher’s episode with thrilling delight once I hear Carrie Fisher is in Full Recovery. Graham Norton has a way of making his guests open up & the show is hysterically funny. I can hear Carrie now telling her outrageous stories. She has a new film & a new book to promote. I suppose the publishers & film makers will let her rest & do her interviews from home for awhile. I Send Love Always to Carrie & repeat my statement: MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU CARRIE & LET THE QI BE WITH YOU HELPING YOU FIGHT FOR A FULL RECOVERY.


8 thoughts on “Carrie Fisher Needs Love & The Force To Heal

    • Sending Carrie Fisher Love. She has saved many with her truthfulness & humor. So many around the world send their support for her to do well in her recovery. Her mom, Debby Reynolds needs her & so does her dog Gary, he’s her service dog & loves his mom. As Carrie said of her mom: “She is the girl next door and I’m the one who lives down the street.” ⏳🌈🦋💗🎭

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