Remembrance: Marcel Proust #74

Remembrance: Marcel Proust
Part #74

Moments from
“Remembrance of Things Past”


“The heart changes,
and it is
our worst sorrow;
but we know it only
through reading,
through our imagination:
in reality
its alteration,
like that of
certain natural phenomena,
is so gradual
even if we are able
to distinguish,
each of its
different states,
we are still spared
the actual sensation
of change.”

― Marcel Proust

ghost of proust at grave

2 thoughts on “Remembrance: Marcel Proust #74

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    Some shocks thunderbolts
    Hurled across the living room
    “That’s it, I’m leaving”

    Some are more subtle
    Tiny changes day by day
    Not even noticed

    An old photograph
    Depicts a startling stranger
    We no longer are


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