Just Feel the Song

Roars & Purrs by Maggie the Cat


Maggie the Cat

It felt like the perfect song when I started listening to this, reaching inside of my heart and I could feel the presence of someone I recently lost. Neither of us did anything to feel sorry about except, she never said goodbye. She wasn’t a lover. More a friend. More of a friend who heard what I had to say, and helped me to understand as I was able to help her, too.

I left the lyrics off the page because you need to just watch Adele & feel the music. Let it get inside, rather than reading lyrics that need to be heard & felt, not read. These lyrics tend toward the passionate. Adele is a creative songwriter with an astonishing singing voice. Magnificent and passionate. I appreciate & love who she is. Hope you love this video. I sure do. – MtC

Adele – Hello