Tarot Card – The Wheel of Fortune – Rannsama

Tarot Card – The Wheel of Fortune – Rannsama

The Wheel [La Ruota] represents events in our lives that come out of nowhere. Serendipity: ‌A natural capacity for making desirable discoveries by accident.

Key Words of Meaning for the Wheel
Luck – Chance – Change – Destiny – Revolution – Consequence

by j.kiley

Maybe truth doesn’t exist
And control is an illusion
Lies – reality in disguise
Fantasy – view inside our minds
Where real reveals its identity
On how the Wheel revolves
Inside the Universal expanse

Maybe truth doesn’t exist
Minds unable to recognize clarity
From living inside the insanity
We are prisoners of our own transgressions
Words overflowing have lost meaning
Telling stories repetitiously
Correcting reality by changing it
Altering outcomes while evolving

© j.kiley
free verse

One thought on “Illusions


    Truth or dare but a party game; yet solo
    who dare reveal these truths unshown
    beyond these so private hallowed walls,
    unshared with anyone beside oneself;
    unknown in fact even here within
    for truth to tell unquestioned, left unexplored.
    Awareness – unspoken – wordless – unborn.

    Old bedfellows Truth and Lies lie side by side,
    sing “noli me tangere” in tango tempo, like
    the Magdalene still endures the bad-rapping
    despite the dissension, the fervid support.
    Wife, best friend, reformed prostitute or what?
    Let’s be honest now who really knows?
    True truth unrattled by untruth’s pretension
    the inner world has never been hyphenated.

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