Madam President

Madam President – FiveThirtyEight

As the very first female presidential nominee of a major party, Democrat Hillary Clinton is already in a historic position. Come November, she could achieve another milestone: becoming the first Madam President in United States history. Yet behind the groundbreaking nature of Clinton’s candidacy lies an absence of women in elected office; in terms of female representation at the national level, the U.S. lags behind much of the rest of the world.

Created in collaboration between FiveThirtyEight and Rutgers University’s Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP), the video here is an exploration of this disparity and the real difference that gender, regardless of party, can make.

12 thoughts on “Madam President

  1. Of course the UK had its first female prime minister some time ago. Not a good advertisement*, But then Elizabeth II and Victoria certainly make their mark.



    • So did Elizabeth I. For some time since college days, I blamed EI for the assassination of Mary Queen of Scots. That didn’t work out to well. Her son James succeeded Elizabeth I on the thrown. Thatcher was no piece of cake. When she dies did you ever see or hear what Glenda Jackson said in Parliament? I saw a recording. GJ was magnificent & accurate in her condemnation of The Iron Lady.

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      • No one is perfect of course, although some truly dreadful people regularly get into power.

        “The scum rises to the top
        The dregs sink to the bottom”

        – Ben Naga

        (But that’s enough negativity for today. 🙂 )


        • I read a brilliant article a short while back regarding rising to the top. It had to do with rising to your level of incompetence. Referred to as the Peter Principle. But they took it to another level. They suggested if you find a level of your job where you are happy with your work, then don’t try to be too good or the hierarchy will promote you right out of your comfort job into your respective level of incompetency. That’s why nothing works. Everyone has reached their true level of incompetence.

          When I worked at the Humane Society, there were opportunities for promotions but I always declined when they came around. I loved my job & could not see me as the boss of anyone. Just let me love & care for the animals & find them good homes & those who didn’t let me make there time here as loving & as comfortable as possible. I was an animal whisperer. Still am but retired. Don’t have the strength anymore. I let Shawn do it. I just hug anyone who wants one & snuggle for the same reasons.

          “Agree scum is at the top & they fall off & it is a mighty fall.”

          On a positive note, I am now vaping concentrate. It is more powerful & rids me of pain when it comes on & as for creativity, it really carries me through. Now I just have to remember to sleep. Mania comes & goes but mostly stays around. Hate the lows. Ever since Nov. 9th I haven’t been the same. I try all sorts of distractions. Even taking fun quizzes online. They tell me I am a Genius. How tired can one be of hearing that told to you? 🎈✨🎈

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