SNL First Presidential Debate Parody Sketch | Trump-Hillary Debate

Final Presidential Debate

The Debate below no longer exists. Hope you enjoy the latest & last Debate.
SNL First Presidential Debate Parody Sketch | Trump-Hillary Debate

Alec Baldwin debuted his Donald Trump in the first 2016 presidential debate, along with Kate McKinnon‘s dead-on Hillary Clinton impression.

Former 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin helped Saturday Night Live kick off its 42nd season by portraying Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in a cold open that satirized this week’s first presidential debate, in which Kate McKinnon’s Hillary knocked Trump out of the cosmos. He had no clue what planet he was on. He just kept mumbling about black people killing each other in Chicago. Makes me think he’s kind of obsessed about President Obama ever being our President. I think at times. Trump feels it was all a mass hysterical hallucination.

Baldwin and Kate McKinnon & Not Ready for Prime Time Player, Michael Che did a re-enactment of the surreal debate almost exactly as it happened.

Baldwin nailed many of Trump’s mannerisms, including an observant bit on the real estate mogul’s pronunciation of “China,” and McKinnon magnificently portrayed Clinton’s polished delivery and coolness under Trump’s self-inflicted collapse of his brain to think beyond non-sense unfinished sentences.

With this material faltering along side the edge of comedy, a satirist’s job is that much easier. Watch the cold open above, from Saturday Night Live. (Rewrote the parts of this synopsis in yellow. j.kiley) IT’S EXTREMELY FUNNY. IF YOU DON’T LAUGH – WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR. I KNOW YOU HAVEN’T COMMITTED TO TOTAL NUCLEAR ANNIHILATION.

Invited to Share from the YouTube Video Site. I Do Not Own the Property. Just Sharing.

5 thoughts on “SNL First Presidential Debate Parody Sketch | Trump-Hillary Debate

    • Yes, they did. Why? I wasn’t & didn’t have either as my choice. I wanted Bernie Sanders. A person with conviction & also has represented my State of Vermont since we moved here in 1977 end of. If the DNC head hadn’t fucked with him, he actually might be our Pres Elect right now & not the asshole who is at present in that position.

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