Soul Symphony Symmetry

song symphony symmetry II © j.kiley

song symphony symmetry II © j.kiley


I love thyme
In all the senses

Of the spellings
And the sound

Time works for
And against us
Yet remains neutral

Awakens taste

How dreadful life
Would be
Without it

Dull Ugly Depressing

In a circular motion
Is life’s evolution

A mind body soul

@ j.kiley

Torvill & Dean 1994 Lillehammer Olympics Exhibition Bolero Ice Dancing WON GOLD IN ORIGINAL PERFORMANCE
Music & Skating begin at 34 seconds

7 thoughts on “Soul Symphony Symmetry

    • I fell in love with them. They were the most inspirational performers & in ice dancing they excelled beyond any other couple I have seen. I am pleased you enjoyed Torvill & Dean. I miss that period when the Olympics appeared to be more noticed & remembered. Maybe the world paid more attention back then.

      I must admit I was looking for a video of Ravel’s Bolero when it occurred to me, why not. Who represented Bolero any better than they did. Mesmerizing. 💗

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