Pessimism Claims Power


pertinacious climax © j.kiley

by j.kiley

Can one actually ever really
be through with the past

Good moments
Hidden among the muck
Pluck them out
And keep them safe

Life has almost always
Felt like a total
*Forked Up mess

It has become
A massive hallucination
Melding together
One huge nightmare

With just a pinch of joy
For flavor

What kind of joke is this?
Who wrote the script?

Cut —

@ j.kiley

*Forked Up* really is meant to be Fucked Up
But I am using a term from the New TV Show ‘The Good Place’
It is supposed to be Heaven & no one can curse
The word is changed automatically to a less innocuous word
Plus Heaven is not on a Premium Channel – i.e. HBO…
All the words that make some people cringe would be used
I am not one to cringe from swearing/cursing
(I do it myself quite frequently)
Or be taken aback by raunchy language
At times it can be appropriate
Perfect word choice is relevant

Écrivez la vérité. Dis la vérité. Vivre libre. – j.kiley

3 thoughts on “Pessimism Claims Power

  1. “Écrivez la vérité. Dis la vérité. Vivre libre. – j.kiley”

    “Laissez-moi vous raconter ma vraie histoire.” – Ben Naga. (Actually this is nicked from a French film I watched in 1969. (Or maybe 1970 but less likely.) It was during the Nouvelle Vague period. I’ve never been able to identify and re-view the film or acknowledge my source. For me it is loaded with irony whether or not the writer/director felt the same way. Mixed messages are often close to me heart. But then that is only something I picked up from others I encountered and life in general.

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    • I must say I have to initial my jotting down ideas or quotes I may write to include in a poem or a general direction I want the words to take. If I don’t I am never sure if something I find in a notebook is mine or something someone else wrote. Otherwise I google to see if I can identify writer. If not I sign it ‘anonymous self’ b/c I think it may just be my words.

      I got all worked up by my poem & the digital art piece I created. I had to deconstruct the piece & begin again b/c an oddness appeared in the finished piece. After reconstructing it turned out with more symbolism & inner sightings. To me it is the side profile of D.T.’s head after it imploded than exploded. Also, it is what the world is afraid he will do if he gets elected. Spit and turn around in 3 circles, then knock on wood 3 times. Phew!!!

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