What Is Over – Release

Have you ever received an unwanted piece of mail, suspiciously guarding the identity. Curiosity causes one to open the unknown. Today, I received this kind of envelope. Never should have looked inside. If you are familiar with Harry Potter, it was from a Dementor. It enraged me, this unwelcome intrusion. I give you a poem I discovered from a post back several years. It conveys the exact nature of what to do when Dementors invade your protected space via a sneak attack. – j.kiley


‘Dementor’ by Staz Johnson  – Negative by j.kiley


burn up the pages of memories
one wished had never been lived
images better left behind

not knowing the looks of evil
does not mean it can’t be destroyed
cast out by the cleansed energy
that surrounds & protects you

rise up like the phoenix
let your life begin again
a message for us all

~ anonymous self ~


Rise of the Phoenix – Anonymous

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