Who Are You?

who are you? © j. kiley 16

‘who are you? ‘ (blackout poem) ***** ‘time in its time’ © j. kiley 16 (digital art)

A Blackout Poem is taking a page or creative source of words and choosing from those, what you want to use, must be used in the order chosen, to create a poem. In the version I use above, I have eliminated the page & plucked out the words and letters to create my poem. And also created, through the use of opacity an image radiating the essence of the poem. It is a new digital art style for me. I am experimenting and hope to follow the development of & where the digital art takes me. Learning, I hope, as I go. Not always using them as backdrops for my poems. Maybe both ways would work. –  j. kiley  ✨ 🎇 💖

4 thoughts on “Who Are You?

  1. Alice In Wonderland – an inexhaustible source of inspiration.



    I have often flirted with madness
    Though she has never found me worthy of a serious relationship
    Perhaps it’s my mind or something

    I’ve considered changing my mind to see if that helps
    And in fact I am planning to change it some day soon
    Or one of these days anyway

    I have the mind I have in mind
    Saved in my shopping basket on the internet
    In the “Saved Items” box

    I’m just waiting for the price to come down
    To a level I feel is reasonable
    Given that there’s postage on top


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