Think Change

think change (c) kiley 16
by kiley

Feelings may be different
Feel very queer

Begin the conversation
Short remarks
Puzzling quests

Think of a reason to Be
Mind – Sound
Thought – Might

Nothing else after all

At last the hook
Think Change!

© kiley 16

For those not familiar with Blackout Poetry it is usually taking a page from a book and finding words in which to create a poem. Check out Google Images and Pinterest to start. You will find the most divine examples. – kiley [i change today with daniel radcliffe. it is both our birthdays. so happy birthday daniel  – cheers to you & a vape for me!]

🎁 🎂 🎆 🎇 ✨ 🎶 💗

8 thoughts on “Think Change

    • It is a meditation on words and creating a puzzle of meaning or whatever you chose. Hope you give it a try. I love it when I find the time to get into a great page of words. It doesn’t have any parameters. It can be a regular length poem or a short piece filled with relevance or inspiration. Making it a game is a fun way to see it, also.

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        • Don’t rush to choose a page. Take your time. I don’t like the idea of tearing a page out of a book so I try to find pdfs I can copy & paste. Anything goes. Nothing says it has to be a book. It can be a page of writing with a great selection of word potential. Wherever your imagination takes you. It can be a short poetic phrase of a short or longer poem. Create what you will. Don’t get frustrated. Glancing is sometimes the best way to see rather then reading the text. Words pop out. It’s ok to pull a word from inside another longer word or use letters from more than one word to create a word. Use what you need to create. You will be surprised at where it takes you. Most of all relax, meditate, and enjoy! 💫 ⌚ 🎩 😊 🎑


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