Let’s Celebrate Bastille Day 14th July

1789 --- by Jean-Pierre Houel --- Image by © Gianni Dagli Orti/CORBIS

1789 — by Jean-Pierre Houel — Image by © Gianni Dagli Orti/CORBIS

The Storming of the Bastille occurred in Paris, France, on the afternoon of 14 July 1789. The medieval fortress and prison in Paris known as the Bastille represented royal authority in the centre of Paris. The prison contained just seven inmates at the time of its storming but was a symbol of the abuse of the monarchy: its fall was the flashpoint of the French Revolution. It was during the rule of Louis XVI.

In France, Le quatorze juillet (14 July) is a public holiday, usually called Bastille Day in English.

Viva la Revolution

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Happy 14th July – Bastille Day Birthday to our wonderful baby female kitten Eliot – only kitten born in a litter to Garbo – she was unable to be spayed due to health reasons & she was the Houdini of feline escape artists – even jumped off a balcony, Garbo lived Forever for her. Eliot lived to be 21 years. I forgot to mention – Eliot was born our one eyed princess. She was perfect. Cheers to you Eliot on Bastille Day & your Birthday. You will always be remembered. You were & are always going to be Special. – j.kiley ps. Your other Mom Shawn sends her love always.

❤ 💕 💓 💗 💞 🎂 💖 ♠ ♥ ♦ ♣ 👑 💫 💨 ⌚ 🎩 🍔 🌌 🎢 🌈 🌠

13 thoughts on “Let’s Celebrate Bastille Day 14th July

  1. Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia does a “Bastille Day” event every year. I’m not sure if we’ll go this year, but it’s great fun with “Marie Antoinette” throwing TastyKakes from the top. The building looks sort of like a castle. 🙂
    Your kitties sound like they were wonderful.

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    • It sounds like it would have been fun if things hadn’t gotten so horrifying in Nice, France during a celebration of Bastille Day.

      Thank you for your comment on my kitties. All of those in my life in the past and the ones my partner & I have were and are presently marvelous and so individual.

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  2. Tragedy struck in Nice, and it’s going to go on and on until the far right foments a violent backlash, then we’ll have the whole of Islam down on us, not just the fundamentalists. Keep calm and carry on is all we can do and thank our lucky stars that we’re not in the US where every nutcase in the country can swagger around armed to the teeth with impunity.


    • It is insane in the USA. Guns wherever people want to take them. If you need a gun for protection in your home put it in a locked box. If you have shoot guns for hunting they need to be locked up also. But there are no needs for gun otherwise. The coppers in other countries outside the USA don’t as a rule carry guns. And guns are banned. The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution allows for a militia if the government has gone wacky. They were talking about bearing the arms of muskets, not AK-17 or anything of the like. I abhor violence. Fanaticism is a madness drawn in by a need to leave your mark under any flag will do just let me kill. Why does anyone want to kill any other person they don’t know. I read an article stating other countries are warning people who want to visit the USA to be careful. Keep away from crowds. People are killing police. Police are killing people. Who started it is no longer relevant. It has to stop. NO MORE GUNS! NO MORE BOMBS!


      • We could start by demanding that our governments stop the manufacture and sale of armaments to countries in a state of war, aggression, or run by fanatics. It would be too much to hope they’d just stop selling the bloody things period.


        • I keep hoping for disarmament of all things that kill. Life is hard enough to hold onto without fanatics messing with our sense of safety.

          I absorb the news from all sources. It has become our dreams and nightmares. It breaks my heart when such horrible things keep on happening.


          • You don’t even need guns to kill. The maniac in Nice had a lorry. It’s this culture that’s become prevalent that says it’s okay to kill people who offend some sensibility of yours. We make such a big deal about not offending someone’s religious beliefs, then we act amazed when they get offended about something and murder anyone within range. If it’s not religion it’s something else, revenge, retaliation, honour, you name it, someone will use it as an excuse to commit murder.


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