They’ve Returned – Run

rippers (c) kiley 16

the rippers © kiley 16

They’ve Returned – Run
by kiley

I say out loud: “they are dead”
A moment passes
Before me appear
The way they were
They look alive

If ghouls appeared
I’d freak
But they look human
Alive when they were alive
The sight creeps me out

When someone is dead
They are dead
Bodies in flames
Ashes created
The soul separated

When the heart stops
The brain disconnects
Off toward the ever after
Or to places unknown
Maybe dangerous

The unknown
Is always a questionable situation
Evil could be involved
And paying dues uncollected
For behavior unbecoming

It is always something
Perfection isn’t demanded
It does create consequences
When we don’t appreciate
The life we are given

A gift ignored
Is a waste
Why bother staying alive
If being alive
Is not part of your agenda?

See the hidden faces
They will find you
And take you away
To places you won’t want to go
This is where we part

I want to learn more
Returning to life
Is a lesson
I want to find
Much more to understand

Death is a final part of life
But it only ends one life at a time
Moments may pass
As room is made to recreate
A new life – a new journey

Don’t let fear overwhelm your senses
Breathe it in
Accept it is part of learning
Accept the different senses
And what they teach you
Give life everything – peace

© kiley 16

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