Remembering All Lost to Terrorism

For All of Us Who Are Different – Who Do Not Fit [ I know I keep changing – Couldn’t possibly comply] – Please Stop Trying to Destroy Us – We No Longer Will Be Invisible and Quiet Ever Again – Stop Trying to Make Us Live by Rules that Shouldn’t Exist [it’s an extensive list] – We Are Different – Brilliant! – Viva la Différence! – kiley

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flowing scarlet © kiley 16

by kiley

We look for reasons
Where there are none

We categorize people
When it makes no difference

Not one thing makes someone kill
They are not mentally ill

Violence is a whole different thing
It isn’t one chime with one single ring

A soul makes a deal with rules
Others forced to join him on his kill

Innocents must die as a sacrifice
To drown out the demons in his heart

Hatred overpowers what’s living inside him
It satisfies – it justifies

His consciousness is abandoned
Voices from the dark occupy him now

‘Kill the infidels – kill the faggots
Kill the aliens corrupting the world’

Feeding his kingdom with blood sacrifice
Cleansing his world with destruction and hate

The killer obsessed – filled with hatred building
His eyes only see a cry for the slaughter

When he’s done with what he’s done
It’s time to exit – by bullets or explosions

Stealing answers – secreting away the motives
Leaving behind bloody red pieces – a bizarre puzzle

We need revelation’s purpose
Hoping for visions – the clarity of secrets

Writing stories – organizing pieces
It’s what we think should be done

Gradually closing off the nightmares
Ignoring awareness – that others will come

Different locations – unknown and random
One crushing blow follows another

Inside Time – the future waits
The unpredictable guaranteed it will happen again

Invisible the next creepy crawling creature
Slithering from out of any shadow

© kiley 16
Lesbian in Solidarity

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13 thoughts on “Remembering All Lost to Terrorism

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  2. Where does it end?
    The hatred of those who would destroy a society unlike their own…
    The hatred of the people who would use this situation to rally around their own bias…
    The hatred of politicians who would use this situation to further their own agendas…
    Where does it end?


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  4. ‘They are not mentally ill’ caught my attention. I like this thought–there is a tendency to want to narrow down a crime such as this to a bizarre isolated incident rather than seeing how society as a whole with shaming judgements, discrimination, bullying and distribution of weapons contributes to hate violence.


    • Yes, trying to find someone to blame. It’s easy to go to the usual suspects. Those with any problems with their brains misfiring automatically makes people and the police feel they found the explanation. How does anyone know these days when the perpetrators end up with bullets in their head and other parts of their anatomy. All of what you mentioned is spot on if one wants to look at causes. Weapons the worse part, its availability to be used when someone is so overflowing with hate or a need for revenge on whatever seems the best target for the destroyers of the worlds peace of mind.

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