Time Warp

A must see performance. Best scene in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Love this dance. Happy Friday the 13th. Such Fun!!! Such Fun!!! – kiley

Time Warp – Rocky Horror Picture Show

8 thoughts on “Time Warp

    • A perfect transition for Tim Curry. Laverne Cox, not sure who she is. But a woman playing Frankenfurter. A curious choice. Want to see what they do with my favorite piece, Time Warp. Hope it lives up to the original. 🌟☀💠❇✴


    • Ah, now I remember who she is. Still trying to keep up with all the people I know in the entertainment industry. My head is filled with so much trivia in that area to fill a whole online encyclopedia.

      And I don’t watch Orange Is the New Black. Sorry. Never saw her in the show.

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    • I am pleased. The film is quite unusual, enjoyable, and off the wall. The midnight showings are supposed to be a trip. Never had a chance but saw a segment in the film “Fame” from many years back. It is a treat but for those who have the taste for the uniquely bizarre. I loved it and still do.

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