must life keep kicking you in the head?

creatures converge in a dreams © kiley 16

creatures converge in a dream © kiley 16

must life keep kicking you in the head?
by kiley

Seems good attracts its counterpart
Preparing Hell mouth to be open
An attempt to swallow us whole
So keep your love close
Invisibility would be convenient

Lessons no one ever teaches
At least not enough to keep us safe
First lesson – most important
Strangers are not always safe
Most times they’re not even strangers
Sometimes their disguise is perfect
Believing their sincerity is a mistake
Check out the strongest feelings you have
Trust your reaction to their reality

If it rebounds off of yours
Beware and show care with safety
Signals will appear
When they start showing
Escape quickly – be a stealthy feline

Know the enemy
Prepare to fight the struggle
Expect to die inside to be reborn
Eventually there will be a return
Over and out fellow travelers

© kiley 16

2 thoughts on “must life keep kicking you in the head?

    • Sorry to hear. It is hard on one’s growing and trusting. Writing and painting help me the most and psychotherapy help to bend my life back into some workable order. No strangers in my line up of the usual suspects. They are all guilty but received no punishment. 😦

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