Tracing Heavens Canvas


Weekly Writing Prompt #34
Week 24th April 2016


(5) Words: | TRIP | FIRE | RIVER | EYE | MELT |

Free Verse – No limitations


Tracing Heavens Canvas by kiley 16

by kiley

Tripping the wild mushrooms

Warmth caressing – fire salsa dancing

Tympani notes rushing the river


Half-moon eyes light the skies

Stars melt – weaving strings of silk

Altering streaming hues

Crisscrossing the mid-night stars


Rendezvous with reality’s non-sense

Nothing – something –

Needs to make sense

All of the time

© kiley 16


secret keeper weekly writing prompt #34: ‘Tracing Heaven’s Canvas’

5 thoughts on “Tracing Heavens Canvas

  1. I really like the second stanza about the stars melting and weaving strings of silk. . .
    This is my favorite Bowie song. Have you seen the version the astronaut Chris Hadfield did on the space station? (I had it in one of my posts at some point.)
    Your “Tracing Heavens” is beautiful. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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