If You Feel Like Me – Sima Kim

by kiley

As though splinters of glass
In an open wound

Minds smash from the inside
Exploding worlds not yet traveled

Minds live unencumbered
The rules live outside

The same time all the time
Inside a mutual hallucination

Willingness to participate
To exist
Free will gone
Free choice broken
Governments choice

We might not all live in barred cells
But we are a blind prison colony

© kiley 16

5 thoughts on “Fragmentation

    • We don’t want to see what we don’t see. It is made invisible and we live without knowing. Is it always necessary? We’d go mad it we knew it all. Who can absorb that much intel? I write made up stories and poems trying to express my inner interpretation of Truth and Life and all the feeling and thoughts that pass through my mind heart and spirit, plus my body, too. Don’t want to forget what keeps us grounded here in this reality. I like to contemplate all sorts of possibilities. What is true, is all relative.

      Just reread poem. It was one of my glimpses into the side where the blackhats live. We aren’t meant to see them. They do exist in my mind. I have seen some of what they can do inside my own reality.

      Bleak view: I try not to see this side but it breaks through the wall sometimes. You made me think. Thank you for your kind words. Hope I didn’t bring you down. – kiley 🙂

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        • Optimism is a very significant part of my attitude, also. Prefer that side. Good moods and bringing laughter into my life. I love to make my partner laugh. It comes natural, which is one of the gifts I was given. But the dark side invades the force and screws up the world. A touch of Star Wars mentality. May the Force Be with You. I’m all for that. And I prefer Whitehats myself, too. Most of the time I feel like Alice still in Wonderland. Part of making up stories and traveling along my Imagination. No need to understand it all. No one can. It’s all a mix of this and that. 🙂

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