Google getting pushy. Over-stepping authority. Claims my blog ‘’ is a phishing site. It is not. Trust your own instincts. – kiley aka the secret keeper

STOP no fishing or lauching of nuclear missiles past this point

to fish or not to fish

Life, as a rule, needs to keep its sense of humor. If we can’t laugh while facing adversity, what is the point? STOP MESSING WITH MY BLOG! – kiley


  1. Firefox gives me a blank tab when I click the link for your post. Chrome gives me a warning page with no link to proceed (just a link under details in the warning, to report an error), and a link to back out. Microsoft Edge (the new Explorer) lets me in, no problem.

    I had the same problem with Jane Dougherty’s posts. Firefox gives the option to “ignore” (something I didn’t have with your “blank page” which loaded a page to report a mistake (with the url) . I did and it opened all of her pages for me.

    Reporting yours on Chrome didn’t have any effect. If I didn’t have a “blank page” I’d try to report it on Firefox. So… it looks like I’ll be using Explorer for your page. At least I can see it now.


    • Sorry for all the problems but it’s Google that started this whole witch hunt on my blog being dangerous. It really isn’t. Sent them a report message stating exactly that. I will check out Edge. I do have that Browser but only have Chrome otherwise. Don’t like the other two. Always screwed me up.

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    • I think you are right. Google is choice picking words like Free Xanax Viagra, anything relating to sexual. I used the words Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Somewhere out of that they see spam or ads for pharma or sexual content. I’d say they’re after me, if I weren’t a touch paranoid already about our government.So there you have it. And Thanks for being brave. I have to pass the Red Page every time I do something on my blog. Except I know how to turn it off so I don’t see it but everyone who visits my blog does. – kiley


      • I see you still have the big red page. Have you been in touch with the WP engineers? I don’t know whether they helped to get rid of the plague on my blog but it maybe helps to get google to back off just by having them poking around in it.


        • no contact w/ engineers. have beejn trjyingk to figure it out since rge red page first appeared. someone on WP told me my blog was clean but it makes no difference to google. hOw do icontact WP engineers? hope to hear from you on this question. i’ve got to get sleep. have long day thursday. already way past sleep time. had migraine all day so it has been hell. wtf!


              • They couldn’t find anything wrong with mine either. We cleaned up the cookies but that didn’t help. I think it might have been having people report it to google as not a phishing site. If enough people do it, maybe google listens. I’ve reported your site twice now. Maybe ask everybody to do it.


              • I did something a touch different. I altered my link to:

                just dropped ‘the’ from my link. No red page. It has vanished. So nothing wrong as the WP person said. So I am ok so far. Just note my modified address. The blog is still called ‘the secret keeper’ only the link has dropped ‘the’. What an insane way to do things. I even got to keep my theme. It is due to be renewed. Was time to renew my domain name so now I just changed it. Cost is the same for both. Fuuuuuueeeew!


              • They told me that wordpress had added an S in the URL of my blog to make it more secure and that might be what was setting alarm bells ringing because my URL and theirs aren’t the same. At least you’ve got it sorted anyway. Go and have a lie down now 🙂


              • Jane , you won’t believe this but yesterday I told my partner when I was trying to fix things: “Do I need the ‘S’?” I never had it before until I saw that they kept putting it into my Link last night. So that was the set off. Well, changing my link name one word freed my blog. I still use ‘the secret keeper’ but the link is I just bought a new domain. Wanted to completely change my blog. Fortunately everything transferred. It’s done, but I only got 2 hours of sleep this AM. What an exhausting day with 3 appts to go to. Wiped me out but feeling stronger now. Thank you. 🙂


              • Thank you. Not sure if I responded yet. I do get how the links work. It makes me think suddenly Google is trying to mess with our security forcefully, meaning we have no choice accepting their supposed protection. Now that I know they are supporting Trump or at least the GOP makes me wonder upon their motivation.


    • They see nothing wrong with The Donald however. Odd values!

      Get this, from an Credo Action e-mail:

      “More than 60,000 activists have joined you in signing our petition telling Google and Microsoft not to sponsor a Donald Trump-led Republican National Convention.

      This Thursday, we are joining with progressive allies to deliver more than 400,000 petition signatures to Google headquarters to make clear to Google’s leaders that sponsoring a Trump-led convention will not only align their brand with Trump’s toxic candidacy but will help legitimize and normalize Trump’s hate. The more signatures we have, the stronger our pressure on Google will be. Can you help spread the word?”

      The petition link is


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