Remembrance: Marcel Proust #41

Remembrance: Marcel Proust

Moments from
“Remembrance of Things Past”


“He knew that the very memory
of the piano
falsified still further
the perspective
in which he saw
the elements of music,
that the field open
to the musician
is not a miserable stave
of seven notes,
but an immeasurable keyboard
(still almost entirely unknown)
on which, here and there only,
separated by the thick darkness
of its unexplored tracts,
some few among the millions of keys
of tenderness, of passion,
of courage, of serenity,
which compose it,
each one differing
from all the rest
as one universe differs
from another,
have been discovered
by a few great artists
who do us the service,
when they awaken in us
the emotion corresponding
to the theme
they have discovered,
of showing us what richness,
what variety lies hidden,
unknown to us,
in that vast,
unfathomed and
forbidding night
of our soul which
we take to be
an impenetrable void.”
― Marcel Proust

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