Weekly Writing Prompt #31

Weekly Writing Prompt #31
Week of 4th April 2016

DOOR Template Instructions

(5) Words: | TOWN | TRAIN | FADE | HEAR | HALL |
Free Verse – No limitations
Flash Fiction (115)
Genre: Docu-Drama-Poetica
james dean in Porsche Spyder

Porsche Spyder – Inside is J.D.

by kiley

Hearing the train in the distance
A faded whistle grew louder
Carrying the crowd
Into a strange excitement

Their most famous citizen
Was approaching their town
His town not too long ago

He featured in the soda shop
Playing pranks in the park
Most of all owning the stage
In the town hall auditorium

Amateur productions
And pounding hearts

The train let off steam
At the station
The engine in full stop

He had arrived
His last return

An over flowing talent
Pure genius
Fame breaking at the edge
Too young

Gone – he may be
For some – though
He lives

© kiley 16
Dedicated to James Dean

the secret keeper weekly writing prompt #31: ‘Fame at the Edge