Lights Out – Movie Trailer

This Movie Trailer scared the sh#t out of me. It made me jump. Possibly scarier than The Grudge & The Ring put together.


No! Absolutely never have all the lights out.

Just to be sure… – kiley

Thought for a change getting scared is more fun than getting FOOLED. 😉

Lights Out – Movie Trailer

Can’t wait to see the whole movie.

4 thoughts on “Lights Out – Movie Trailer

    • yes, for certain. it drew me in. i don’t often watch scary films unless they have an exceptional quality & are well conceived. i have a feeling about ‘lights out.’

      i heard a good line while watching a great ghost story ‘the awakening.’ it went something like this: ‘we close our eyes & it is always dark when we do that.’ for me, my query is: why doesn’t that bother us? – kiley 😉

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      • The scene in the film trailer was so pitch dark, I don’t know how they could even film it– probably cg effects. Along with the loud noise, it was terrifying. I think the difference with closing my eyes is that l’m in a predictable environment and it’s my choice – I can open them at any time. It’s a great question. 🙂

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