Tracing Heavens Canvas


Weekly Writing Prompt #34
Week 24th April 2016


(5) Words: | TRIP | FIRE | RIVER | EYE | MELT |

Free Verse – No limitations


Tracing Heavens Canvas by kiley 16

by kiley

Tripping the wild mushrooms

Warmth caressing – fire salsa dancing

Tympani notes rushing the river


Half-moon eyes light the skies

Stars melt – weaving strings of silk

Altering streaming hues

Crisscrossing the mid-night stars


Rendezvous with reality’s non-sense

Nothing – something –

Needs to make sense

All of the time

© kiley 16


secret keeper weekly writing prompt #34: ‘Tracing Heaven’s Canvas’


If You Feel Like Me – Sima Kim

by kiley

As though splinters of glass
In an open wound

Minds smash from the inside
Exploding worlds not yet traveled

Minds live unencumbered
The rules live outside

The same time all the time
Inside a mutual hallucination

Willingness to participate
To exist
Free will gone
Free choice broken
Governments choice

We might not all live in barred cells
But we are a blind prison colony

© kiley 16

Terry Pratchett’s THE DUEL

A magical library with ample room for wizards mucking about. In this ego driven tale of fate, two wizards get sorted out. How can one go wrong with Terry Pratchett and 3D animation. Have fun! – kiley

Terry Pratchett’s THE DUEL

The Duel is a short film inspired by Terry Pratchett’s Discworld.

The film was created and directed by Giant Animation as part of the Animation Hub, a work experience programme set up for students to work on live projects.

Directed by: Alex Sherwood, Ben Harper and Sean Mullen
Produced by: Giant Animation
Client: Animation Hub, Ballyfermot College of Further Education, Trinity College Dublin & the Irish Film Board.
Mucked about by: Terry Pratchett
Film music by: Paul Lynch of Mutiny (

Google Censorship

Love the poster and the essence of your post. “…Censorship protecting you from reality.” Thanks for the support Shawn. – kiley

Off the Rails - Track 451

It has come to our attention here at Off the Rails, that one of our contributors, Jennifer Kiley, is having her blog censored by Google/Chrome.

Trying to access her blog the other day, we were met, out of the blue, by a “Stop: Dangerous Site Ahead” warning which blocked access. After much research and hair-pulling, Jennifer discovered that Google was cherry-picking words from her blogs, words related to psychiatric conditions and drugs and big pharma, to human sexuality, and what might be considered radical politics, etc, even words and phrases taken totally out of context in poems, for Christ’s sake!

To all who believe in the first amendment and freedom of expression, beware! You could be next. Time to fight back.

Big Brother Google is watching.

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Censorship For Word Placement

WORDS SUCH AS: Free, Download, Pharma, Key, Xanax, Viagra for Women, Hypoactive Female Sexuality Desire Disorder. Cure is Orgasm. I am supposedly advertising rather than seeing the words in there sentence structure. I WOULD DEFINITELY CALL THIS CENSORSHIP AND BLACK LISTING. This is just the smallest part of what Google is doing. And I wonder specifically if it is not Government Sanctioned. I HAVE BEEN CENSORED THEREBY SHUTTING ME UP. WHO IS GOING TO ENTER A SITE THAT HAS BEEN RED PAGED. AND CALLED A DECEPTIVE SITE AHEAD. DANGEROUS. APPROACH AT YOUR OWN RISK.

word placement does not censorship make

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