Intrigue Afoot #29

Weekly Writing Prompt #29
Week 21st March 2016

weekly writing prompt #11


Free Verse – No Limitations / Flash Fiction [183 words]



Webs of espionage, mystery, intrigue was afoot
Getting myself lost on a trail
Ending in a forest with towering trees
A black starless sky made the woods barely visible
Something sharp scratched the back of my right hand

I felt blood leaking to the ground
Its trail made me vulnerable
Prey 0f the wild
The scent spread
Infusing the mist of night air

Nothing felt it could get worse
Until something crashed into my head
A thorough ten count knock out
I came to discovering I was locked up
Inside a bamboo prison cell

Those who captured me
Took a lock of hair to prove my identity
My head hurt where they yanked out the roots
At least the kidnappers weren’t completely insensitive
They didn’t take a finger

What would happen next?
How does one contemplate one’s physical freedom stolen?
I sent my soul to soar in alternate space
Found my safe place – a secret – no one could follow
Life was left to work it out in its own way

© kiley 16

the secret keeper weekly word prompt #29