The Long Game

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Painting In the Dark
“The Struggle With Art In A World Obsessed With Popularity”

The internet tells stories and makes 15 minutes of fame last longer.

But this video is not about the popularity of those who show no signs of talent except how often they suck up the space of these who do.

The advice in this video comes from the least popular artist of his time, Vincent Van Gogh.
The story you will hear will amaze you and hopefully inspire you.

Mihaly Csikzentmihaly wrote the book ‘The Psychology of Optimal Experience’ where there is hidden the word Autotelic [Self – Goal].

‘It refers to a self contained activity, one that is NOT done with the expectation of future BENEFIT but simply because the DOING ITSELF is the reward.

When the experience is AUTOTELIC the person is paying attention to the activity for ITS OWN SAKE. When it is not, the attention is focused on its CONSEQUENCES.”

Vincent may never have heard of the word Autotelic but he lived by the definition. Vincent, though he sold only one painting in his lifetime and painted nearly 1000, he never gave up because he was having too much fun, discovering and solving problems he was finding fascinating.

Van Gogh had a rough life, lets not forget that, but what he was doing with his life was work he felt important and he learned from it and felt joy.

This video is an inspiration not to only painters but all those who feel the urge to express themselves through writing, poetry, sculpting, pottery, whatever gives you continual joy and discovery. Feeling your forms of expression grow, by learning as you develop your depth.

Will we complete our work if nobody is watching?

Everyone interested in art, artistic expression, Vincent Van Gogh, or are artists in the many fields themselves, should definitely watch this creative and inspirational short film. The feeling it gives, for me, is a wonderful sense of joy. – jk

The Long Game Part 3: Painting in the Dark

Rated…G All Audiences
Genre…Art, Van Gogh, Artists Inspiration, Documentary
Length…10m 29s

Written, Narrated, Directed and Edited by Adam Westbrook


Appeared on ‘Expats Post’ 22nd February 2016