Pandemonium (c) jk 2016

pandemonium by jennifer kiley © jk 2016


Deception true
Illusion real
An instant mind confusion

Jump ghost
Zoom time
The burst of a brain contusion

Enter zone
Prepare to live
The Universe is exploding

Bullets streak
Blood leaks
Memory jammed imploding

© jk 2016
Eve of New Year

4 thoughts on “Pandemonium

  1. When I first saw the title, I was “love the word pandemonium” – something about it is so fitting to what it describes, and your poem is a exquisite expression of image(s) that bring that description to life, for what is pandemonium but life, even the ghosts jump.

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    • I agree, love the word pandemonium, it sounds almost musical. It is the chaos of life. It is overflowing with its description. Your comment is so perfect, interpreting what I was trying to create. It feels like life escapes this state but something always pulls it back into the ‘pandemonium.’ Thanks for your comment. It made me think more about these thoughts.

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