Incandescent #83

ronovan writes haiku weekly challenge mine

Haiku Challenge #83
Words: Gem & Flame

opal rising from the flame

Libra Rising


Flames glow from her eyes

She’s a fiery opal

Pure from her Libra


© jk 2016

Gem = Opal

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge #83 = Words: Gem & Flame

5 thoughts on “Incandescent #83

  1. Such an intriguing expression – the last line with the singular possessive of “Libra” – i says to me in the sense of the constellation in the heavens (night sky) that within each of us is the cosmos, which turns back on the first two lines.

    Looking up Opal, I discovered it was the birthstone of those born in October (which includes myself, as well as being a Libra) that it symbolizes purity, innocence and hope, along with metaphysical properties of confidence, loyalty, faithfulness and happiness. Looking at from this understanding fiery takes on the positive notion of fierce, on the side of justice and compassion – and with the flames in her eyes it speaks to bearing witness to the injustice and hatred in the world around her.

    Splendid depth with the compact form of the Haiku

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    • What a wonderful analysis. I have strong feelings about the sign of Libra and intense relationships that had a great affect to my life. Did you happen to read no one but Libras should wear Opals. It is a jinx I would never play around with.

      Libras are marvelous people. Very compatible, I have experienced. Our signs are drawn, in the intellectual capacity of evaluating the influences of the stars and Astrology. I do believe on many levels in the symbols the Universe has given us so we are able to get a larger sense of just what it entails in its Immensity.

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