In My Dream – Blackout Poem


In My Dream (Trying Every Door) (c) jk 2016


In my dream
Walking hand in hand with her
She was still in sight
Then lost
Like the wind
No longer to be seen

© jk 2016

7 thoughts on “In My Dream – Blackout Poem

  1. wonderful work here. i have just ventured into blackout today and this is really inspiring. The use of a single letter from one word and combining it one or more letters of another word opens up so many possibilities. just my opinion – but I think with blackout the goal is to create something new while still capturing a deeper essence of the original. In this regard you have achieved perfectness.

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    • Thank you. Want to choose a page to work on later. So pleased to hear you are entering the world of the blackout poem as of today. There are so many ways to create it. Rules be damned, just create. I love you thought of creating ‘something new while still capturing a deeper essence of the original.’ That is often possible.

      I must tell you I pulled a page out of HuffPost. It was talking about Sleep & Wellness. When I was through, it had been transformed. It just depends, I would suppose, on what form you are using to work on.

      Perfection is the full circle of drawer out from the Original if it is a work of art. Then it becomes a homage to honor the source. That is quite fun and can go deep.

      Enjoy the process. I use downloads off the net, ie. pdfs or Project Gutenberg and download the online HTML. Great books. No copyrights left.

      I started a collection of some of the most beautiful Blackout Poems on my Pinterest site. They are all over Pinterest & elsewhere. Glorious.

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      • Yes, rules be damned — full steam ahead. 😉 Once I read what you wrote, it made me realize just how quickly I can get locked into some arbitrary rule. In a moment, I feel it is important to operate within some boundary (fluid as it might be), yet the next moment the boundary can be somewhere else, as in a dream.

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        • Creativity should sometimes be like dreams. All the symbolism you gain. Rules teach us discipline but that is to help improve your true awakening to create. You expand the limits and go beyond into the field of magic and dreams and just let go. The Muse will support you through creating some special, only something freedom will allow you to express.

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