George Saunders: On Story

George Saunders: On Story

Whether a writer or not this video presents the magic of storytelling from a masterful mind, explaining clearly what goes into creating the perfect sentence. How to break it down and improve the content of the story. It shows the writer how to get there. I listened to the video “On Story” several times and the lessons learned will raise any writers level of telling the story wanting to be told. It is an enlightening video with a simplicity, making it understandable for those who write and want to learn or improve their writing. I recommend to anyone who writes who wants to take their storytelling to a higher level; making it more enjoyable for the reader or those watching their work on the screen.

Find the time to watch the seven minutes. It will teach you to see the world of storytelling and sentence writing from a whole new perspective. It also teaches how to improve character development. Essential to a good story. If characters have no dimensions and are not believable, the reader or film viewer will turn away and never look back. There us so little time for most things in life, if you want to read a good book and watch a good film, then the writer needs to have a good sense of how to create the words to write the best story they are able to tell. This video will head the writer in the direction of discovering just what will improve any writers abilities to create a very special story. I was inspired. Hope you will be, too. – jk

George Saunders: On Story [RedGlass Pictures]

Running Time…7m 14s
Genre…Educational, Storytelling, Instructive, Documentary
Speaker…George Saunders

In this rare appearance as a documentary subject, George Saunders reveals the pitfalls of bad storytelling and explains the openness and generosity required to breath life into great characters. The film offers a direct look at the process by which he is able to take a single mundane sentence and infuse it with the distinct blend of depth, compassion, and outright magic that are the trademarks of his most powerful work.

Situated in an innovative and dreamlike visual world set to a lush original soundtrack by Antfood music, the seven-minute film distills the magical essence of one of our most beloved writers into a work that will inspire old fans and Saunders newbies alike.
George Saunders: On Story is the second in the On Story short film series created by RedGlass Pictures ( .

Music by Antfood
Puppetry by Deborah Hertzberg

Originally launched on the
A Film by Tom Mason and Sarah Klein
Executive Produced by Ken Burns

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