Infinite Consciousness #78


Haiku Challenge #78
Week of 4th January 2016
Words: Vast & Clear

expanding consciousness (c) jk 2016

expanding consciousness (c) jk 2016


Infinite expanse
Consciousness pushing limits
NOTHINGNESS clears space

© jk 2016


Replaced Vast with = ‘Infinite’


Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge #78: Words – Vast & Clear

4 thoughts on “Infinite Consciousness #78

  1. This is a twister, bending back on itself, just as infinite space within finite space operates. The use of the word “clear” as a verb and giving the actor of that action to be “nothingness” — perfectly summing up the paradox (and hints of quantum physics, which is on my mind these days) — then “space”, which has the quick connotation of openness and lack of things, as in spaciousness, but here it is something tangible to be cleared away. And now we are back at “infinite expanse.” 🙂

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  2. A mind limitless, going beyond the brain, uncontained, no stopping point, no point to stop. It is a conversion inversion where NOTHINGNESS momentarily takes on a dimensional form appearing only to give a portion of NOTHING to create room for the Infinite to grow. Now think on that for a moment. 🙂

    I meant to add, what you wrote was philosophically mind bendingly marvelous.

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