Film View: The Talk

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WARNING: Not for young children unless you want an awkward talk with them.

“There comes a time in every parent’s life when the harsh reality hits — their child is growing up. And with that realization comes an event, a moment, faced with fear and trepidation, when said parent takes time from their busy day to have a special chat with their child, a talk if you will. And as with all parenting moments when dads are in charge, it goes horribly, horribly wrong.”

“The comedic slice-of-life short THE TALK is about such a parenting moment mishap. It is a cautionary tale of the pitfalls of parenting — of epic proportions — and reminds us that life is not always as it seems.”

The film opens with daughter eating a piece of pie and ice cream, sitting at a table across from her father, at a quiet restaurant. The young girl’s father tells her he needs to talk to her. He has something important to say. As he begins his tale, thoughts going through the viewer’s mind is heading in a particular direction. Expect curves balls and words said not even a psychic could predict would be.

the talk scene at restaurant table

This is such a surprising comedy overflowing with unpredictable humor. Follow along and listen closely to all that is said and be prepared to be startled and filled with astonishment. You will have a great many WTF moments. And you will laugh more than you would have expected.

The WARNING above is to be taken seriously. There is something revealed you do not want younger children to hear. TRUST ME. It will lead to questions you just may not be prepared to answer especially at this time. HEED THE WARNING!

Otherwise, let your older children enjoy in the fun and insanely humorous short film THE TALK. It is a riot. I have watched three times already. Once alone. Once with my partner. And technically, the third time hasn’t happened yet, but will by the time I am ready to set this Film View up for the interested to read. It is one of those films that will stupefy or knock you over with humorous disbelief.

I love a film that is not at all what I expected and from the moment the Dad started to speak, anything is about to be released.

I recommend THE TALK with 5 Stars. Go with the flow till the very end. Be Prepared to Be Amazed. And I do hope you allow yourself to laugh. I think it will be impossible not to.

My thoughts. Now I am going to watch THE TALK again to be sure I haven’t left a point out to entice you further. Feel the Twist. – jk

THE TALK (2015) – Joe Otting


Genre…Comedy, Mature Family, Satire, Short Film
Length…8m 34s

Director…Joe Otting [under his visionary creative eye]
Written by…David I. Jenkins
Producers…Joe Otting & Aaron Cooley
Cinematographer…Jeff Stonehouse
Production Design…Merje Veske & Ermanno Di Febi-Orsini
Casting…Mickie Paskal & Adrienne Stern

Dad…John Hoogenakker (Public Enemies, Empire)
‘Daughter’…Isabella Crovetti-Cramp (Joy, Colony) [lovable rising star]

Appearing on Expats Post simultaneously.
It is the perfect gift. Meant to be watched.
Keep in mind I have an odd – weird – strange sense of humor at times.
Hope you all do too.

4 thoughts on “Film View: The Talk

  1. I loved every minute and 34 seconds of this little gem. Truth delivered in a tight script with authenticity galore, solid acting and expertly crafted speak-the-unspeakable humor. Believe it or not, I could keep on going … but I’ll spare you. Thank you for posting this. I’ll surely watch it again (so many goodies to absorb). 🙂

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