Haunt the Dark #15

Weekly Writing Prompt #15
Week of 14th December 2015

DOOR Template Instructions

‘28’ FORM
The 28-form as 4 lines of 7 syllables each
The first word of each line rhymes with the last word of the
previous line, ending with a repetition of the first line
If I repeat the first line of ‘Haunt the Dark’ it becomes a Circular
For further explanations on styles go to the POETRY page above

Ghost-floating in the moonlight at nigbt duh


Ghosts confused haunt the dark night

Light crosses the table’s dust

Must death fill life with the strange

Deranged the rough thoughts turning

© jk 2015

the secret keeper Weekly Writing Prompt #15: (5) words – ‘Haunt the Dark’

23 thoughts on “Haunt the Dark #15

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  4. Citing yourself, eh?

    They do say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but I don’t know their view on SELF-imitation. 😛

    Self-imitation … back to pondering then.

    (Still enmeshed in computer woes, I’m afraid. Just spent the whole day reactivating my word processor in acceptable mode. Then taken a little time off to survey today’s fresh bunch of e-mails. When does real life restart, I wonder??? Tried a reboot but this apparently only works with pcs, and often not even with them. 😦 As you can see, we poet types have trouble avoiding metaphor one day soon you may even receive an e-mail.)


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    This Thursday, we are joining with progressive allies to deliver more than 400,000 petition signatures to Google headquarters to make clear to Google’s leaders that sponsoring a Trump-led convention will not only align their brand with Trump’s toxic candidacy but will help legitimize and normalize Trump’s hate. The more signatures we have, the stronger our pressure on Google will be. Can you help spread the word?”

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