Remembrance: Marcel Proust #23

Remembrance: Marcel Proust
“Remembrance of Things Past”


“For, just as in the beginning
it is formed by desire,
so afterwards love is kept
in existence only by painful anxiety.”
― Marcel Proust

“One cannot change,
that is to say
become a different person,
while continuing to acquiesce
to the feelings of the person
one has ceased to be.”
― Marcel Proust, Swann’s Way

“Every reader finds himself.
The writer’s work is merely
a kind of optical instrument
that makes it possible
for the reader to discern what,
without this book,
he would perhaps
never have seen in himself.”
― Marcel Proust, Time Regained

“It is always thus,
impelled by a state of mind
which is destined not to last,
we make our irrevocable decisions”
― Marcel Proust

“Dear Friend:
I have nearly died
three times since morning.”
― Marcel Proust

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