19 thoughts on “As An Artist

    • Just wanted you to know I am waiting for laser eye surgery for next week and not doing much online. Can’t see well. It gets all foggy if I try to read too much on my laptop. I will get caught up once the surgery fixes my eyes. Have post-op the day after. By Thursday next after Easter Sunday. Miss our time. Won’t be too much longer. 8-|

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      • Thinking of you. Plenty to tell you when time and conditions allow. Meantime I hope all goes well with you while imaging there is much to be anxious about. Imagine there I will be present as a beneficent spirit watching over you. 🙂


        • I will feel your presence as my sight is hopefully renewed to full splendour. Tired of the rain clouds behind my eyes. Want to see clear again. SO much to look around and see with Spring soon to emerge. Have made many changes to our wildly new plantings of trees and lilac bushes. Others to come later when it warms more. Will fill you in. Want as English a garden as able in New England. Rose trees are one of my fantasies. And much more.

          Look forward to hearing your adventures. And thank the Goddess for spellcheck in certain ways. I don’t always agree with it and actually don’t follow its corrections. It can be just as wrong as a human.

          It’s tomorrow Wednesday the Laser shall pierce to the inner sanctum of my global seeing device. To success. Cheers!

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