8 thoughts on “A Child Prodigy

    • Shawn use to ask me how to spell all the time before spell-check. She is super-intelligent and brilliant. So one can never tell from spelling. I was just in spelling bees when in grammar school – the lower grades here. I would do a variety of languages, including Latin, in my spelling challenges. What can I say. I don’t understand why some can spell and others have a problem. I must say though, I hate it when I ask Shawn how to spell something and she tells me to look it up in the dictionary. They are useless for finding out how to spell a word. You need to know how to spell it in order to look it up. Duh!

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      • I used to be fine before the op (or ageing, ep, nascent Alzheimer’s , who knows?) but now not always so reliable any more. I keep Dictionary.com available and, like DuckGuckGo (my search engine which doesn’t track me 🙂 ) I just put in something approximately/ probably right and it generally corrects it for me. 🙂


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