11 thoughts on “Silent Dark

    • Your sight goes deep. This poem & painting originate from a dream. The card symbols hold out what luck you will be dealt. There was no way in the dream. Still working on the escape possibilities, if there are any.

      Thank you for your insight. It is Haunting. Imagine dreaming inside of the space I captured in the painting. The words try to continue telling the tale. One I will work on. It is similar to a place I have been inside of before while dreaming. But that’s another story.

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    • Writing to you helps float above the dark. At the moment it is close and following me. If I go to sleep I know when I wake it will be there. It won’t go away. I think it’s here for awhile.

      I wrote a poem and did a painting today. Very intense. I named the painting ‘re-birth’ and the poem ‘Going Deeper.’ I will be posting them. I have another poem & painting combination I can’t decide if it will go ion Expats Post and Off the Rails – Track 451. It’s that kind of poem. About the deception of the system. It is rotten and needs to be made over. I titled the painting ‘Pandemonium.’

      So to deal with the dark I write & paint and write some more. There both occupy my mind and body. I use my fingers for the painting now that I have a touch screen. I do use a stylist, also. I’m mostly into black and white.

      Well, I better stop for now. I will resume on Sunday; I am almost caught up. 🙂

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