Pen #12

DOOR Template Instructions

Weekly Writing Prompt #12
Week of 23rd November 2015


TANKA ( 5 – 7 – 5 – 7 – 7 )


quill pen with skull & writer's notebook


(5) Words: | GIFT | COIN | VERSE | WORK | REASON |



Purpose touches verse

Reasoning life with the pen

Muse’s gift with sight

Artist’s work in ideas

A poet’s lines for a coin

© jk 2015

********************* (5) Word Weekly Writing Challenge #12: Pen

7 thoughts on “Pen #12

    • I agree the last line has the flavor of Shakespeare He was in my mind when that line popped into my head: “A poet’s line for a coin.” Like the Bard there was a lot of scribbles over the line until it appeared as written above. A coin or coins were the most in Elizabethan time, one was compensated for one’s telling of tales.

      I do love Shakespeare in Love. It is on my list of films to rewatch. Should do it soon.

      Thank you for your remarks. Loved them. jk

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