Timeout #72

Weekly Haiku Challenge #72
Words: Life & Give

the earth is a sleeping lady - by anonymous

the earth is a sleeping lady – by anonymous


Life breathes peace not bombs

Give Earth sleep – cease the madness

End terror grasp depth

© jk 2015

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Challenge #72 – Words: Life & Give


21 thoughts on “Timeout #72

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    • Thank you for your remarks, I love them. Trying to find what works can be difficult but Ronovan gives a great challenge. xox 🙂 Will be over to visit your Haiku post. Presently trying to rewrite from scratch a poem I thought I had put to bed but my partner told me I could do better than that. She called it a mess. 😀 She was right. Hope what I did made it more memorable and she likes it. Silly me. Such Fun! Such Fun! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. The food was great here. Shawn is a great cook. Yummy Stuffing. My favorite. 🙂

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      • That picture of ‘Mother Earth’ sleeping is amazing too. It goes perfectly with the haiku.
        I can’t wait to read your poem. I’m sure it’ll be very good. I did have a great Thanksgiving surrounded by great food and great company. I couldn’t ask for more. I’m so happy you had a good one too. Ha, ha! I love stuffing too! 😛

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        • The image of ‘Mother Earth’ knocked me out. If Earth came alive for more people, maybe there would be more respect shown. I have to say, I write my poetry first then I look for the image to go with it. I don’t want my mind clouded with something before I see the words describing it. For some reason I have been fortunate to find images that speak to my words. Thank you for confirming how well Haiku and Mother Earth go together. It is nice to know you see what I see.

          Still eating leftovers. Stuffing and cranberry sauce [smooth] are really the only ones I really want afterwards. Oh, and the sandwiches. They are quite good, also. 😛

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          • I usually write the haiku and then search for a good image afterward also. Like you, I’ve been able to find images that really worked well with my poems.
            I love nature and animals and it hurts when I hear of a plant or animal that is near extinction because of what man is doing.
            There was little left this year as far as leftovers (too many people) but there were a couple of recipes I wouldn’t mind making again for Christmas Eve. 😉

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    • What if the shoe is dropped into a bottomless pit. Will it even touch the bottom. Another idiom to investigate. The Wheel of Fortune dolling out fortunes and bankruptcies of the soul. It is what we need to do. Share. I give you something you need and the reverse is the way to go. A more pleasant society will ve built.

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      • In my head while composing this I was seeing my (anyone’s) life as one shoe while my (anyone’s) death is the other. Thus life is a waiting room. (With acknowledgement to John Fowles and “The Magus”.) The awareness that experiences recurrent (re)incarnations may view the process as a spinning wheel.

        “A spinning wheel is a device for spinning thread or yarn from natural or synthetic fibres.”
        – Wikipedia.

        A hint of Tao, yin and yang also.

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        • Taking us ’round the merry-go-round. Children of any age are drawn to them. The Spinning Wheel can be symbolic of String Theory – the Universe & contents are all tangled up with ST. I don’t want any shoes dropping. Send Death up a tree like in the movie I saw as a child. Don’t let him/her down, then no one ever dies. But people who need to die and begin the cycle again are prevented from doing so. Death is only frightening b/c we don’t really know for sure guaranteed what’s coming up next, no matter what we believe. Nothingness. Darkness. The Void. They are something to fear more than another go round here. A roll of the dice what will happen the next time around and who is in charge or is it going to be total anarchy. Dystopia all the way or Utopia. I like my film about Heaven. It’s a good place and all the good is there. Yin/Yang…Balance. Always a need for it.

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